TONOR BM-700 Microphone Review

As always, I look for products that offer both good quality and terrific value. This combination is not easy to come by sometimes, so when a company approaches me and asks if I will review a budget microphone, I am always going to be a little skeptical at first, especially when I see the price is only $47.99.

The TONOR BM-700 features a Cardioid polar pattern which reduces pickup of sounds from the sides, improving isolation of desired sound source, which is ideal for podcasting, streaming, youtube video and also can be used for recordings at home or professional studio.

The TONOR BM-700 is NOT a USB Microphone, meaning you either need to plug it into a mic jack, sound card, or secondary audio device (such as a Zoom H4N). The system comes complete with a spring-loaded mic stand, shock mount, XLR cables, and a 48v Phantom Power adapter.

TONOR BM-700 Microphone Review

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