Best iOS Apps for Filmmakers

Today we have picked out our top 5 apps for IOS to help your filmmaking be more efficient and productive. If you have some favorite apps, be sure and share them in the comments.

Pocket Light Meter $10.99
If you are having trouble getting your exposure just right and don’t have the money for a light meter, Pocket Light Meter seems to always be very accurate. As an app, its a little pricey at $10.99, but it is sure cheaper than buying a light meter.

Lightspectrum Pro $1.99
Getting a proper white balance can be tricky sometimes and it isn’t always easy to figure out what to set your camera to. Lightspectrum Pro always seems to nail it and does so with a very simple interface.

Camrote Free
While this one is specific to Sony users, Camrote is a tool to remotely control most of the Sony camera lineup. I use it all the time with both my RX100 V and A7III. While Imaging Edge does pretty much the same thing, Camrote has some additional features that I really like, and since it is free, its worth taking a look at.

Focus Chart Free
Numerous times I have needed to have a fixed focus setup to make sure the camera wouldn’t lose focus and hunt during an interview setup. Focus Chart is a handy free app that simply put a focus chart on your phone that makes it super simple to get a perfect focus, especially if you are using focus peaking in your camera.

FiLMiC Pro $14.99
There are literally hundreds of camera apps available but none give you the power and flexibility of FiLMiC Pro. FiLMiC Pro harnesses the power of your device giving you better bit rate, full control over exposure, focus controls, and high frame rates, and even has full integration with the DJI Osmo Mobile products.

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