DJI Osmo Mobile 3

DJI has just announced the third iteration of their popular smartphone stabilizer, the Osmo Mobile 3.

What really separates the Osmo Mobile 3 from its earlier versions is a new compact, foldable design. This new design makes the Osmo Mobile 3 much easier to transport and take with you everywhere you go. With a weight of only .9 pounds, the Osmo Mobile 3 won’t add much to your daily carry bag.

A new Gesture mode allows you to quickly take a snapshot or start recording, making doing selfies or group shots much easier than ever before.

The new design of the Osmo Mobile 3 allows a broad range of smartphone devices and means that the port on the bottom of your phone is no longer covered, allowing you to connect wired microphones. By not limiting the position of the phone also allows easier use of smartphone lenses that used to require counterweights.

An improved Sport Mode lets the Osmo Mobile 3 easily capture fast-paced action.

The new algorithms help you track action better by allowing the Osmo Mobile 3 to track faster and keep up with your movements.

The DJI Osmo Mobile 3 will be available soon and is available in a basic kit for $119 and a combo kit that includes a case and tripod for $139.

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