DigitalFoto YY120 Bi-Color LED Light

We are starting to see a variety of LED lights in this same form factor with different features and special effects modes, and even RGB lighting. DigitalFoto did things a little different and made theirs just a Bi-Color (3300-5600K) light with no real bells or whistles. The flipside, is that the complete package, runs about half the cost of the lights that have all of those features.

The controls are simple enough with just an On/Off button, Mode button, and Power Increase and Decrease buttons. The Mode button toggles between adjusting the brightness and color temperature.

For such a small light, the built-in diffuser panel does a pretty good job of softening the light. However, if you are trying to do really close-up work, you can get banding in the shadows because of the rows and columns of LEDs. For most work, this isn’t going to present an issue.


Color temperature: 3300-5600K 
Number of LEDs: 60 white LEDs, 60 Yellow LEDs
CRI: ≥95%
Lighting Angle: 120°
Battery Capacity: 3085V 4000mah Lithium polymer battery
Size: 5.4″ x 3″ x .4″
Weight: .4 lbs
Output Power: 10W
Input Power: 5V 1A/2A
Working Temperature: -10℃-45 ℃
5% Brightness Working Time: ≥20 hours
100% Brightness Working Time: ≥1.9 hours

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