Sony RX100 VII – So Close, but..

Today Sony announced the 7th generation of the RX100 with many people heralding it as the best vlogging camera ever. While there are some nice improvements and nice new features, we are going to look at the things that are not being discussed much as we feel it is the places were Sony missed the Mark (pun intended). If you want all the specs, details, and raw-raw about this camera, there are plenty of those articles to be found.

Mic Jack

Don’t get me wrong, I shoot the vast majority of my YouTube videos with a Sony RX100 V and wish it had mic jack. The problem here is not that they added a mic jack, but they didn’t add any place to mount the microphone. Sure, third party companies will come out with brackets and cages, but this is just an extra cost that you will need to incur to use this feature.

Flippy Screen

Again, we aren’t going to complain that the Sony RX100 VII has a flip up/down screen, but like the previous models, using it in the flipped up position cuts off the bottom row of information for somewhat important details such as Shutter Speed, ISO, Aperture, and Exposure Value.

24-200mm F2.8 – F4.5┬áLens

This huge zoom range lens is certainly not ideal for vlogging. Most vloggers would prefer a wider angle and less zoom and be able to maintain the aperture at its widest setting throughout the zoom range.

No ND Filter

Seriously Sony? One thing I love about my RX100 V is the built-in ND filter. Due to the big zoom lens, the internal filter not only had to be taken out, but Sony didn’t do ANYTHING to allow for external filters. Would it have been so hard to make some kind of mount or adapter that could be purchased to allow for the use of filters?


While the RX100 VII is a great camera, I really feel that they could have made it an awesome camera with just a few tweaks.

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