Rhino RŌV Pro Traveler Slider Review

Rhino RŌV Pro Traveler is an extremely portable, app-controlled motorized slider that you’ll actually bring on your next shoot.

The RŌV Pro Traveler includes an integrated quick release ball-head that allows you to set up your slider and camera in seconds. The built-in legs allow you to position your slider anywhere without needing a tripod.

App Controlled

RŌV Pro is fully motorized and seamlessly pairs with your phone to control its movement. Have full control of your camera’s movement in the palm of your hand.

Time-Lapse Capability

Ditch your bulky gear without compromising quality. RŌV Pro has an integrated 2.5mm port for triggering your cameras’ shutter during a time-lapse. Getting a time-lapse has never been easier with the built-in intervalometer. *

The sells for $449.99
Amazon link: https://amzn.to/2NSgJ71

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