Today we take a look at doing an animation of an object around a path. This has a number of different uses, in this example, we create an intro graphic for the TrailTraveler YouTube channel. Trail Traveler Filmmaker Central Patreon

Sometimes you find there is a small blemish in your shot that you need to fix. In some cases, you may need to replace something like a light switch or electrical outlet. With the right situation, the Patch Replacer tool can be used to make easy work of this.

This is a no-charge update for all existing customers. You can download this update from the Blackmagic Design support web site.¬† While there is no change of the database format from v16, DaVinci Resolve Studio 16.1 requires a firmware update for the DaVinci Resolve Micro and Mini Panels. What’s newContinue Reading

Our guest Barry Houldsworth from Avios Aerial Media shows a pretty cool technique for exporting a batch of clips that all have effects and speed ramping without having to create multiple compound clips Check out Barry’s work at Filmmaker Central